‘Oops I Did It Again’: Celebrities Are Devouring Their Favourite Foods In This New Video Trend

Are you even a true foodie if you aren’t constantly fighting the urge to gobble up a plate of your favourite dish? If we had a penny for every single time we finished up the plate of samosa or biryani that we specifically announced we couldn’t – well – we would have a considerable amount of money by now! However, we foodies are not the only ones who are drooling and dreaming about our favourite foods all day. Turns out some of our favourite celebrities and Bollywood personalities are not far behind when it comes to giving in to the delicious temptations of pizzas and chocolates! A recent Instagram reels trend has been doing rounds of social media and we love it for spilling the foodie secrets of these divas. From Tahira Kashyap to Hina Khan, here’s a list of celebrities that jumped on the bandwagon of this new video trend. Take a look

Celebrities Who Tried The New ‘Oops I Did It Again’ Video Trend On Instagram:

1. Tahira Kashyap:

Tahira’s penchant for good food is something that doesn’t require any guessing. The writer-filmmaker has given us umpteen examples of her unapologetic love for everything delicious, and this time it is none other than some chocolate bars and winter special ladoos that are making Tahira go ‘oops’! Take a look it at here:

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2. Anita Hassanandani:

Who doesn’t love pizzas, right? The gooey, cheesy and delicious Italian dish is an absolute delight and Anita Hassanandani is here to vouch for that. She chooses pizza over anything else and her recent reel proves just that. Anita stuffs her mouth with a heavenly slice as she dances to tunes of the song ‘Oops I Did It Again’ in the background. Look at it here:

3. Daisy Shah:

Daisy Shah, in her most recent reel, portrays all of us on a bad day. Because we are sure there is nothing that some gooey and crunchy hazelnut chocolate cannot fix. Daisy’s face instantly lights up as she gobbles the chocolate ball in her mouth, making us crave some chocolates more than ever! Look at her video here:

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4. Hina Khan:

While everyone else is out there getting tempted by their favourite treats, Hina Khan has a slightly different approach to this trend. The original trend is said to have started with alcohol bottles, but in Hina’s version, she replaces them with mineral water! Yes, you read that right. Hina Khan sure does know how to remind us to stay hydrated and healthy after all those drool-worthy treats. Look at the adorable video here:

We can’t wait to see who the next celebrity to jump on the trend is! Who would you like to see try these reels next? Let us know in the comments below.

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