Viral: Delhi Man Designs First Contactless Gol Gappa Vending Machine; Internet In Awe

Street foods in India make the most delicious and scrumptious dishes in the whole world. With a never-ending variety of street food, the desi foodie never faces a dearth of choice. While we have many street foods options to indulge in, there are some classic street foods that one can never go wrong with. One such dish is the gol gappa! This delicious chaat is known all around the country with many names. Maharashtrians call it pani puri, Bengalis know it as puchka and Rajasthanis named it pani ka batasha. The gol gappa is loved for its signature sweet and spicy and it is one street food that all of us have grown up with.

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We all know that he gol gappa needs to be immediately served at the moment it is prepared. It requires the street food vendor to fill the puris with masala and then dip it the sweet and spicy water before it could reach our plate. While people do love the gol gappa, in the light of COVID-19, people are too scared to enjoy their favourite delicacy. But what if we told you there is a way for you to have gol gappas without anybody touching them? A Delhi based engineer has managed to make the process of eating street-style gol gappas completely touchless! Don’t believe us? Take a look yourself:

[embedded content]

This touchless gol gappa vending machine lets you enjoy your favourite gol gappa in a few simple steps. All you need to do is scan the QR code to complete the payment and the machine automatically gives you a sealed packet of gol gappas to enjoy. In the packet, there are puris, aloo masala and glass for the pani of the pani puri. The machine offers four varieties of pani, all you need to do is get the glass close to the spout and it starts pouring the pani of your choice! This magical machine is made in India and the gol gappa only costs Rs 20!

After watching this video, we can help but be in awe of the modern marvel. One person’s passion for food has yielded into advancement in robotics and the thriving of scientific innovation!

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