Watch: Zomatos Post On Underrated Heroes Of The Indian Household Is Just So Relatable

Internet is a storehouse of various unique content. Every now and then we come across posts and videos that are engaging and entertaining to the core. While some posts leave us in splits, some initiate talks and discussions on social media. Then we find some posts that are just so relatable. One such instance is this latest Reel on Zomato’s Instagram profile. Food-tech giant Zomato has always been known for their out-of-the-box social media campaigns. If you follow Zomato on the photo-sharing app, you will find the brand marking its presence time and again with quirky posts and unique videos. Keeping up with the tradition, they recently posted a video clip on the “Underrated Heroes Of The Indian Household”. Yes, you heard us!

The video on Zomato’s Instagram features some basic household elements which we generally don’t talk about; however, they play a significant role in our kitchen setup. The elements include – a spice box, some chic and classy utensils that are used just for guests, fridge cover/a cloth to cover the top of the fridge to avoid dust, a lot of plastic containers, a roti container, a steel mug/container with spoons, tongs and ladles, a big polythene packet to store other polythene packets for anytime use, and finally – lots of chilli flakes, oregano and ketchup sachets.

Watch the amusing Insta-Reel here:

Much relatable; isn’t it? Like us, several other Instagram users related to the post too. The post garnered 237k views and 23k likes. The video further initiated conversation, with people sharing their opinion (on the underrated heroes) in the comments section below.

“Fridge mai rakha aadha kataa hua nimbu (the half lemon in the refrigerator),” wrote one. Another person wrote, “Plastic wala table cover.” A third user wrote, “The Tuesday wala ‘veg only’ kadhai.”

Another person wrote, “Apron, jo mummy kabhi use nehi karti (the apron that mother never uses).” A comment read, “Ice cream ke box mein kuch aur khane ki cheez (some other food stocked in ice cream box).”

What according to you is the most underrated hero in your household? Let us know in the comments section below.

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